A limiited amount of Celebration Cakes and Dinner Cakes are ready to be picked up for your special occasion. Custom Cakes are always welcome and require advanced ordering.  


Depending on the season, a selection of specialty treats will also be available daily.

Celebration Cakes & More

Daily Bites...Make Every Day Delicious!


If you need something special....just CALL or EMAIL

Old Fashion Cookies that melt in your mouth.


Decorated Cookies are available for special order.


Our Signature Bars:

Blood Orange Brownies

Triple Chocolate Walnut Brownies

7 Layer Choc, Butterscotch, Coconut, Pecan Bars

Myer Lemon Bars

Cookies & Bars

A Selection of Classic Flavors are baked daily and include:

The Bride (White Sour Cream Almond)
The Groom (Triple Chocolate)

The Princess (White Citrus)
The Prince (German Chocolate).


Specialty Flavors

Celebrate the seasons with our daily offerings. Visit our FaceBook page for Daily Selections.



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